Mountain Cabins for sale
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Mountain Cabins for sale

Vacation Property in an Exclusive Development

Grand Highlands now offers for sale a limited number of luxury mountain cabins. Unique within Grand Highlands, the Lanterns enclave consists of six cabins around a small community park. The enclave is designed to permit the enjoyment of solitude yet be the intimate setting perfectly designed to mingle with neighbors and meeting new friends.

The cabins are designed to look and feel like traditional cabins, yet with the conveniences demanded by modern life. Ideal for those seeking to downsize, weekend retreats and vacation homes, the cabins offer two stories and expansive decking in a truly magnificent setting. These private retreats are still within the gated community and enjoys all of what Grand Highlands has to offer.

Starting at just over $350,000, the Lantern cabins represent a unique opportunity to own the mountain home or getaway of your dreams. Model is available for showing now. Call 828.233.1017 for more information